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On this page you will find testimonials from some of our clients:

I was having difficulties conceiving my third child a few years ago when I went to Ali for some reflexology and I became pregnant within 2 sessions. I have been back many times for various reasons especially stress and have found her treatments highly effective and wonderfully relaxing every time.
C.H., East Sheen

I have been going to Ali for Reflexology for over 5 years now. My aim was to maintain general wellbeing and her sessions certainly help! Ali is a true professional and the treatments she gives are extremely relaxing and her findings are fascinating! Ali is passionate about what she does and is extremely perceptive which is evident in the summary she gives you at the end of each session. Ali has asked me questions about ailments after sessions which have triggered my own memory of concerns I have had in the past (eg she asked me if I had ever had a blow to my jaw and I remembered I had years before from one of my children accidentally banging heads with me!). Her findings are extraordinary.

In turn, I would highly recommend Ali to any man or woman who has a concern over a health issue or who is keen to have a relaxing treatment which reaps massive health benefits and leaves you feeling calm, de-stressed and mentally clearer.

K., Putney

I first sought treatment from Ali during a period of enormous stress and immediately benefited from improved sleep. I continued to have regular treatments and the long term benefits are just as valuable - improved digestion, reduced joint ache and an overall feeling of improved well being. Ali is an expert practitioner who ensures that your specific physical health issues as well as your mental health can be improved at the same time.
Stephanie, Wimbledon

I suffer from IBS and seek treatment from Ali to alleviate the symptoms when I experience a flare up. The treatment provides almost instant relief. When I have regular treatments I find that my periods are more regular and lighter too so I would recommend a series of treatments.

P.R., SW15

Alison seems to home in on aches and pains you almost didn't know you had and then work on them through your feet. I always feel terrific afterwards and warmly recommend her treatments and her welcoming manner.

Susan, Barnes

I have received the most relaxing and beneficial reflexology from Alison at Putney Reflexology and can highly recommend her. I bought a session for my husband and it had an incredible calming effect on him after a long and trying week at work. Like me, he was a convert immediately to the benefits and thinks it is essential to have regular sessions.

M.L., Roehampton

Alison Burn is a caring, experienced and extremely motivated Reflexologist. During my treatments she had made me feel comfortable and relaxed and well looked after. Ali doesn't just go through the motions, she works very actively with me to help ease my chronic back pain. She is a wonderful listener and a truly talented practitioner.

R.B., Putney

I came across Ali by chance when I was looking for a good local reflexologist. I was lucky enough that I bonded with her straight away. She is highly skilled at listening to your needs and is so good at making me 1,000 times more relaxed than I was before she treated me. I highly recommend her but not if that means I can't get an appointment because she's so busy!! Regular treatments from her keep me grounded, relaxed and happy!

Anouk, SW15

I can't recommend Alison highly enough. I've used her skills as a reflexologist on several occasions in times of stress and insomnia from my job in TV. She has a magic touch which really works.

Caroline, Kew

I first went to see Ali about a year ago when I felt I would benefit from some extra stress management support. Ali very clearly explained her process and how she works and I felt an immediate benefit following the first session. I now try to see Ali once every 4-6 weeks to help keep me on the straight and narrow, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. It is an extra benefit that she is flexible as to where she works, so she comes to my house if I am particularly short of time.

Jenny, East Sheen

I have a history of chronic pelvic pain and a friend recommended Ali to me. She has a lovely calm, empathetic way about her and she instantly makes you feel safe and comfortable. After a session with Ali I feel relaxed and sleepy and the next day my body feels calmer and more rested. I have no doubt that this has a positive calming effect on my nervous system. I highly recommend Ali for any stress related issues.

Emma, Putney

Alison has treated me for a few years now. She has greatly helped me with my physical and emotional pain. I have felt much better ever since starting treatments with Alison and I feel that I am more able to prevent any physical and emotional problems. I feel truly grateful for having found someone as professional and dedicated to their profession. Alison is by far the best reflexology therapist that I have ever met. She makes me feel special and I feel great after she has finished.

J.L., Southfields

Ali gave me some reflexology to bring on labour with my second child. I found it thoroughly relaxing and very effective as my son was born 2 days after the session. I would thoroughly recommend reflexology to anyone.'

Sarah, London


Client testimonial

Ali gave me some reflexology to bring on labour with my second child. I found it thoroughly relaxing and very effective as my son was born 2 days after the session. I would thoroughly recommend reflexology to anyone.
Sarah, London

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